Welcome Legends – a word from your Flow Mentors

We are Hannah Wilson & Laura Cullen aka your Flow Mentors.

We help women who are struggling to make sense of their health, nutrition, fitness and hormones by coaching them through manageable steps using our Nourish, Balance and Thrive principles.

Modern life has us on a constant stress overload and we are seeing an epidemic rising. You have the power to change how you respond to your stressors and we are going to help you to find that balance and feel healthier, more energetic and grow the confidence to take on any challenge that life throws your way.

How would you like to feel LESS CHAOS and MORE CALM?

Bodies are imperfect and sometimes they do let us down. They are susceptible to disease and breakage. The real enemy is not your body.

The real enemy is out there ——————-

We understand that this concept is difficult to fully come to terms with when we are bombarded with social media platforms as well as many other external sources that are constantly banging on about

– Losing weight

– Going hard or going home

– The need to always be doing more

You are your own lifeguard on duty Legend and we are here to empower you with the support and science and coach you from this burnt out place towards a calming flow state.

We’ll not always have others to guide us and give us a nudge when we need one. Support from others is dope, but the real cool stuff happens when we trust in our own inner compass.

By introducing a simple Flow Foundation Framework you can utilise in your day-to-day life you can begin to discover the flow between effort and rest and learn how to harness the strength of your willpower. This is paramount to your sustained success in training and in life.

Do you recognize any of these symptoms?


+ Restless sleep

+ Elevated resting heart rate

+ Unmotivated to go about your day

+ Drops in performance

+ Lack of energy/drained

+ Constant niggles or more serious injury

+ Signs of depression

+ Irritability

+ Decreased training response

+ Decreased concentration

+ Excessive fatigue

+ Weight gain/can’t lean out

+ Feeling puffy

+ Sugar and salt cravings

+ Loss of appetite

+ Irregular or missing cycle

Do not suppress of ignore these symptoms! These are your wake up waves.

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