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The Flow School for Complete Performance seminar series delivered by your flow female duo Laura Cullen and Hannah Wilson has been intentionally designed to EDUCATE active females who participate in everyday physical activity, female athletes who compete at elite level within their sport as well as the coaches who work closely with these females on the importance of working WITH the sex differences that are apparent and inhernent from the onset of puberty. Our WAVE EDUCATION SYSTEM is delivered in a series, starting with WAVE 1.0.

Within this seminar you will gain an extensive depth of knowledge surrounding our fifth vital sign ( the menstrual cycle ) and its ability to not only impact the reproductive system but also:

  • training progress/ performance
  • sleep
  • recovery
  • how we metabolise fuel at each stage of the female hormonal life cycle

ALL backed by science and real life experience. We discuss on a deeper level why there is more research on men than women and why those BRO models that have been and are still being  applied to female training and nutrition; are causing more harm than good.

The importance of knowing how to work with your physiology rather than against it is an absolute “wave changer” and we look forward to helping you bunch of lady legends balance your board and thrive in every aspect of your life.

WAVE 1.0 is the fundamental education that will be your platform to progress to furture waves, where we will guide you as to how APPLY our POWER EATING and WAVE TRAINING systems that are fully female proofed in providing active females, female athletes and coaches with the necessary power moves needed to align peak performance with peak health and vitality.

You can NOW book your spot on our next upcoming WAVE 1.0 online seminar in our shop. See you there!