Making Sense of your female system E-book


1.0 of of Wave Education System educates you about the female physiology.

Poor education of periods and the importance of our endocrine health as active females spans across our school education system and the health and fitness industry.

We have identified that the reason so many active females and athletes reach a place of stunted health and performance across all ages is largely due to the societal myths and nuances, together with science undertaken on the male system. This mis-information has filtered through into mass generalised information common in training, nutrition and recovery guidelines.

Our core philosophy is that we FIRST understand the female physiology, THEN apply fuelling, training and recovery strategies that support it.

Making Sense of your Female System E-Book covers the following information and makes a great point of reference before joining us in our LIVE online classes where we dive deeper into this subject.

  • The Hormonal Lifespan
  • Understanding the Female Hormones
  • Tracking your Hormonal Waves
  • Periods in relation to Performance
  • Menstrual Cycle Dysfunctions
  • Low Energy Availability in Females
  • Hormonal Contraceptives
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