Keeping Stress Hormones at Bay…

Hi there Legends, 

Whether you are an active female, Athlete or Coach we are here to support you in all the ways that we can to ensure that you or your female clients can remain in the best of health. 
With stress and anxiety as much an epidemic as viral infection, we know that focusing on what you CAN do is paramount. 

Aim to look at this an opportunity for you to dial in and share best health practices with those around you. 
Positive action has a ripple effect Legends. 
Therefore, we have put together some top tips to help reduce anxiety and keep stress at bay. 

A collective effort to look after ourselves, and also those around us is what we all need. 
It is important to maintain structure and routine to help you to stay focused and less stressed about the things that are largely out of our control. 

Keeping CORTISOL at bay (one of our hormones present during periods of stress) at a healthy level is essential to your health and vitality for the short term but also for the prolonged health of your legendary hormones. 

Cortisol is CATABOLIC in nature, meaning that our bodies’ are in a state of breakdown in its’ presence. Some stress is helpful, however if left unmanaged or during periods of added worry, we require a more mindful approach and simple strategies that can help mitigate extended cortisol elevation. Your body will find it much more difficult to recover, repair and fend off infection in the presence of elevated stress so let’s look at some suggested practices. 

Ensuring that you focus your efforts on best recovery practices is key. 


  • Prevent LOW ENERGY AVAILABILITY by maintaining a POWER EATING PLAN. Balancing your energy intake with your exercise energy expenditure and ensuring your BASELINE (amount of energy remaining once energy expenditure from exercise has been removed) is in a POSITIVE or NEUTRAL state.

If you are not eating enough of the macronutrients and micronutrients and energy intake is too low, we can start to see issues with the Endocrine System. 

  • Don’t delay food post exercise or skip meals.

Women have a shorter recovery window and are their hormonal balance is more sensitive to low energy availability. 
To mitigate low energy availability symptoms you can aim to take on a good dose of PROTEIN within 30-45 mins post exercise. 
A balanced meal to follow containing Carbohydrates is also key. 

  • Be mindful of the Carbohydrate choices that you make during and post exercise. Taking on sources that are less like simple sugars (especially during exercise) can help you to keep your gut healthy and avoid GI distress. If your gut is functioning well, the ripple effect on your health is real!

* During exercise, blood flow is directed away from the gut. 
The gut becomes hot and oxygen starved and the bacteria that survive in these conditions will thrive during exercise. If you are feeding it simple sugars (that these bacteria love), it is more likely to grow and suppress the growth of the beneficial bacteria that helps prevent ANXIETY and FATIGUE, and that keep our IMMUNE SYSTEM and BODY COMPOSITION in a healthy state.

RIPPLE EFFECT PLAN: We suggest choosing an action to focus on and aiming to make it a habit by scheduling time into your day to plan and prep for it. 
Whether it’s making space to eat a healthy breakfast, make a post workout snack, or include some gut supporting foods into your meals.
Piggy-backing your new chosen habit onto an existing one such as preparing your post workout snack whilst waiting for breakfast to cook can make it easier to remember and do each day.

If you have any further questions about what you CAN do please reach out and ask Legends. We are here to support from the depths and help guide your boards in a positive direction towards best hormonal health. 

Bottom line. 

If your hormones are happy; you can be healthy. 

Peace out, 

Your Flow Females, 

Hannah & Laura xx