Your Flow Females are here for another dose of inspiration to set you up for better sustainable health and performance supporting practices! 

One of the key things that we consistently see people leaving on the table is a proper flow down before bed. 

We all know we need to rest, but we can assume that our body will rest when the time comes. And this is not the case. 

Most of us have experienced nights where we have laid in bed and couldn’t fall asleep, particularly during times of high stress. 

While we do need adequate sleep each night we also have to remember that we need to properly ‘set ourselves up’ to sleep. 
We like to call this ‘the flow to sleep’. 

As ever we love to offer you Legends some practical pointers (flow fixes) that you can begin to reap the board balancing benefits from. 

Here are our top flow fixes for a bedtime routine that can help your body to rest, recover and keep your endocrine and immune system functioning optimally. 

  • Turning down the ceiling lights in the house in the evening. Use table lamps/candles to create a calming atmosphere.
  • Turn off electronic devices 60-90 minutes before bed.
  • Read enjoyable books – ideally nothing too stimulating or stressful.
  • Open bedroom windows to bring the temperature down and use blackouts over windows.
  • Journal your thoughts of the day with the goal of expressing gratitude.
  • Use breathing drills or gentle yoga stretch routine to help calm the central nervous system.
  • A calming tea such as chamomile, or night time blends can offer up another signal to your body that sleep is imminent.

Sleep is the most underrated POWER MOVE for your health and performance that’s also free! Nearly all aspects of our physiology and biology are impacted in a severe way if sleep is impaired or limited. 

So make it your goal this evening to try one or two of the suggestions above before bed and create your own little flow to sleep routine. 

Peace out, 

Hannah & Laura – Flow Females xx

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