A New Wave of Thinking…

Here at flow females we are innovative coaching professionals, we do things differently because we understand that a different approach will breed different results.

Our contrasting approach has stemmed from our individual experiences as athletes and coaches within the sport of fitness. Although everyone is talking about training, nutrition, mindset and recovery they are NOT talking about the impact and influence that our sex differences have on each of these aspects from a performance and health standpoint.

We believe that our own health and performance disturbances occurred as a result of not working WITH and for our physiology since the bulk of available and accessible information is rooted in male research then generalised across to the female population.

Through extensive and ongoing education surrounding these sex differences in alignment with application we are creating a new wave of thinking. Our approach is for ACTIVE FEMALES, FEMALE ATHLETES and COACHES to understand that ‘physiology’ should be at the crux for complete human health and performance, hence the decision to enhance our brand name to FlowFemales_CompletePerformance.

How we apply our physiology to the way we think, fuel, train and recover is paramount to safe, sustainable adaptation and lifelong progress.

We want to thank all of you for your support in us as Flow Females (Laura & Hannah) and in this brand Flow Females Complete Performance. We love flowing and growing with each and every one of you!

Stay safe and well,

H & L

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