It's time to get on board

Hey Legends,

Welcome, we are Laura Cullen & Hannah Wilson; innovative coaching professionals with the sport of fitness and the founders of Flow Females_Complete Performance.

Whether you are an active female, athlete or coach; we are here to educate and guide you towards best sustainable practices to cohesively support and grow female health and performance.

We acknowledge that there is a massive error both within the sport of fitness and the fitness industry in general, that is hurting and hindering female health/performance; this is the clear lack of research, understanding and discussions that are not happening surrounding the female physiology.

We are invested in leading our community towards a new wave of thinking that does take into consideration the fifth vital sign (menstrual cycle) and how it can be used as an ergogenic aid (performance/health enhancer) since it has the ability to impact more than just the reproductive system.

Grow your Flow with us by immersing yourself in our FLOW FEMALES wave changing systems.

Develop your knowledge of the female physiology and how to eat, train, think and live in a sustainable way that supports your brain, reproductive, digestive and immune functions. We are here to fully support and empower your journey.

You can sign up to become part of our online community NOW or come and join us on our FLOW SCHOOL Seminar Series currently touring the UK and Ireland and NOW available online.

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Receive advice direct from your Flow Mentors and begin to learn how to practically apply our unique systems. The first port of call for females looking to build their nutrition and training practices to support their physiology from a hormonal standpoint.

Focusing on what you put in rather than what you get out can lead you on a path of more positive discovery of your own hormonal waves and body goals.

It’s natural to feel apprehensive when embarking on a new venture.
We want to help you turn that fear into fuel!

If you want to feel:

  • less overwhelmed
  • shift limiting belief systems that are holding you back
  • more energised and understand the power that food has on your health and hormones

Flow on through and we look forward to catching those waves with you on the other side.